Tara WhiteTara-Portrait in gold whitetaracenter com

Out of the 21 forms of Tara, White Tara has been one of my favorite Goddesses. The celestial Queen of wisdom, healing, love and compassion. Her sacred mantra is Aum Tare Tutare Mama Ayu Punye Jnana Puktim Kuru Soha. White Tara can assist us in healing of our selves and others, while she provides insights of wisdom and helps us see through the veils of ego illusions. Forgiveness is always the message of White Tara, a quality which helps end all negative karmic cycles. Patience is another quality of White Tara, she is always there, ready to assist us when we are ready.

As the Goddess of long life she teaches us that by not harming others, wishing ill to others and by having a good intention with others, we are creating good karma and in this way, we are creating a long and stable life for our selves. She also helps remove enemies, obstacles and sickness. Her light shines like the star which shows the way on the path of healing, liberation and enlightenment. Aum Tara Aum