The Alignment of the High Priestess of Ishtar

The most beautiful star Venus was aligned with Moon in Leo, the constellation of regal power , royalty & leadership. The power of Venus has been revered in ancient empires, including Sumeria, Egypt, Roman & Persian one. The beauty and attraction of Venus is so powerful, that she magnetizes to her self the subconscious process of the Moon, who is the Goddess, Grandmother & the light of the Sun reflecting in the night. In this conjunction of the planets the relationship of the Venus and Moon is sealed with the power of creativity and the luminosity of the Sun which rules Leo. Something special is happening at this time, there is a deep process of inner awakening of the Divine Feminine.  As we are in the process of the age of the Goddess returning, the cycles of constellations represent various aspects of her energies coming back to the place where the archetype of the Divine Mother is once again revered and alive in the worlds of humans once again.

The symbol of the star and the moon is seen in Islam in modern religions as well as the emblem of various cultures, however, its origins are strictly pagan, polytheistic and Goddess oriented.

The symbol belongs to Innana or Ishtar, the ancient Goddess of the Heavens and Earth, and this constellation is her very revival within each woman and man.


Symbol of Innana


Innana or Ishtar