The Rose Garden of Love

When you find what you were truly looking for

In that moment all pain dissolves and all forms become light

There is nothing left but the radiance of your own being

That self is the same awareness in all things which are living

Why do we even fight over opinions and views?

The mind is such a trickster

It holds us in the chains of resisting the flow of divine love

This river has no end, it is eternal as the cosmos it self

How can we ever die?

If we are truly star dust, then we are reborn each moment in the heavens

Where constellations speak and where Sun and Moon make love

The end of the path is the beginning of the ecstatic dance between the beloved and the self

Until they unite again in that place which holds the secrets of the infinite universe.

Mystic Poetry, Katarina P., Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved