After years of researching various symbolism of the Raven whom I have a deep spiritual connection with, I came to an interesting conclusion about its true meaning. While myths are changeable, the sacredness of the Raven holds a special place in my heart. Whenever I interacted with the majestic creatures, I feel like the mystery of life continues to play with me within the sound of their laughter and the blackness of their wings.

Since English is a language based on dualism and it is impossible to translate indigenous stories with it, I have found an interesting contradiction in the Raven stealing the Sun mythology which is suppose to represent a phenomena of nature and the relationship between the Sun, Moon and the human kind.

There was no ownership in Indigenous cultures so a Raven could never steal the Sun, and animals are free to do as they please under the laws of the earthly planes. The Raven holds the Sun in the beak, because he or she represents the night which swallows the Sun, and  this light then becomes the Grandmother Moon, the nurturing aspects of the light of the Sun.

Indigenous myths are riddles and they are not literal, like Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages, it can not be translated in a simple way, since it is multidimensional and intuitive. I have spoken to Sanskrit , Indigenous and Asian studies scholars and they all agreed on these points. These myths are mistranslated and they support the very colonial fear of Indigenous cultures which they worked so hard to destroy. The fear of nature, night and a culture which did not have a hierarchy, or a dualistic mind set which divides and conquers. Black things or creatures of the night were not considered bad, they were part of the Yin and Yang of the world, and all the misrepresentations comes from the colonial Christian mind set of Good Vs Evil as the bases of all experiences.

So when we think about myths, we really need to do research and tune into the deeper meanings of them. The Raven is the magical creature and this bird has the power to use shape-shifting and sounds in order to bend reality and teach the wisdom of its ancestors. The power of these animals is much greater then an ordinary human mind can comprehend, but if we look back to all cultures, animals were highly revered and I consider them to be the original Gods, if that word can even describe their true essence, greatness or purpose.

Perhaps we need to learn to communicate with the animals again, since their language is the oldest one and they have so much to teach us. The Native Americans were great animal communicators, except they were tortured for it and their language and culture was taken away, while the myths became twisted within the structure of the English language. Each language has a certain power and their language had the power to invoke the very deep and sacred relationship between the spiritual world , animals and humans. The powerful Raven remains to be the holder of the great mystery, while confused mythologies have no true power over it in the first place.
Yoga, Chi Gong and other martial arts use animal postures for a reason, they are the most important teachers of the human spirit.