Shiva & Shakti

What is a healing mantra?

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is the great mantra of conquering illness, death and various obstacles. This is also the mantra of Lord Shiva, who represents the inner light and the source of spiritual power which is to be found through spiritual seeking, meditation and the practice of true yoga. Mantra it self is a sacred sound which contains particular vibrations and these vibrations effect us when chanted. For example, if we speak negatively all the time, we invoke negativity in our selves, and if we try to remain positive and speak positive words, our aura becomes lighter and we radiate this positive energy. Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages on this planet and the power of this language can be felt when the mantra is chanted. It is prescribed by the great sages that this mantra should be chanted at least 11 times and if chanted with pure devotion the healing you need will come to you in time. This mantra does not just remove sickness, but it also removes the negative mental patterns which generate sickness and the karmas which create negative experiences in our lives. Shiva is the state of pure loving awareness and when this is generated within, we are ultimately self healing with the power of inner love. Shakti is that very embodiment of Shiva’s light and the seat of his soul.