“Your guidance will open up the hearts of many so that It will Be; we all may thus journey together for self – Healing. Blessings to You Always “!

Love K. B., Vancouver BC

“Katarina did a Vedic reading for me. She told me that I need to be careful about getting pregnant in this current period of my life if I am not careful, and I was not really planning to be pregnant or eager to be a mother at that time. I have never been pregnant in my life, but ten months after the reading I got pregnant and I have a little girl. She also predicted the sex of the baby during my pregnancy , so I have to say she is very gifted.”

22472609_10155761497639197_1082166991_nLi Rounge, Vancouver, BC







“Katarina  has given me profound new perspective on the cosmic order, how it organizes my life and how that reflected in the stars. Her reflections have given my life a much needed perspective at times, to a higher cosmic awareness. The readings and counseling sessions have been helpful in both my business and personal life.”

D. R.  Colorado, USA

“I had a great experience with Katarina.  She took a look at my Vedic chart and gave me a lot of great information and advice. She even predicted that I will meet an older woman in the next little while. Three months later I met the love of my life and she is three years older then me.”









“Katarina seemed to make an instant connection with my rabbit Simba when she arrived. He was fearful and not interested in physical contact, but after a few minutes with Katarina, he has melted onto the floor enjoying petting and companionship, fully relaxed and calm. He is now much more open to affection and much more comfortable in his home. Thank you for the healing and the communication work you did with him Katarina! ”

Love Dana & Simba, Vancouver, BC