Esoteric mysticism has always been an enlightening stream of thought and inner transformation. Its open minded universal outlook on spiritual evolution of humanity has allowed for goodness in this world.

Sadly human ignorance can not be stopped, but the truth can never be destroyed while religious fundamentalists of all sorts destroy the very essence of every teaching, The true teachings remain unstained and untouched and there are infinite ways to get there. The truth has always been a mystery which unveils it self to each individual as a final destination towards the true nature of self, which is the very nature of all life.

People who continue to promote religions as the only answer, especially with violence are political and not spiritual, because spirituality is about evolution, not gaining more followers or conquering lands.

Mystics have always challenged dogmatic belief systems and have been often persecuted by religious rigidness in all world religions. Many great souls have been tortured, murdered or publicly persecuted, including Jesus, Sufi Master Al Halaj, Buddha and others. Most Hermetics have been persecuted and lived in exile for centuries, while persevering ancient ways of magic and wisdom to this day.

Religious dogma has always promoted fear and division, while esoteric mysticism has always promoted love and unity of consciousness within the human kind. This is the difference that needs to be understood, since all true paths lead to the same place of inner liberation and all dogmas lead to endless cycles of division and fear.

There is a clear interconnection in all mystical traditions and mystics seek to understand with an open mind while dogmatic fear based systems seek to separate, and divide humans further from them selves and their own true nature which is that very divinity. The choice is between love and fear, its up to you which path you want to take.



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