Where there is Sun light, there is a shadow. This phenomena is part of nature and it should never be demonized, shamed or seen as dark in a negative sense. Where there is Yin there is Yang, the Sun and the Moon are always dancing in a beautiful choreography of the cosmos.

We can not escape what is hidden in us, and often people have a strange concept that spirituality is about positive aspects of the self only. Without negative there is no positive,  it is how electricity works. Without day there is no night, without birth there is no death. When we run from the shadow it chases us and it shows it self in the worse ways possible.  Every fire lights up a dark place to really show its beauty, so the idea of a spiritual being without a shadow self is just a distorted reality of the Universe.

Without the black sky, you can not see the magnificence of the constellations, therefore only by accepting the inner depths of our psyche, we can integrate the shadow into the conscious aspect of the self, otherwise we project this on others over and over again, pointing fingers while we run away from our own selves.

Shadow work is a very important part of all ancient mystic schools, although many spiritual teachings still focus on escaping it, pretending that there is only the pure self. Because pure and impure are conceptual realities of the mind, and as the diamond sutra states, there is no pure or impure, there is only the awareness of the self. Both are illusionary and therefore should be considered as the Maya of the human mind. This is not to say that we can ever eradicate the natural tendency of perceiving reality as good and bad, the point is that both are completely interdependent, and one can not exist without the other.

As the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali state: ” Vritti Sarupyam Itaratra, Vritaya Panchataya , Klishta Aklishta,” meaning, Thoughts are five-fold and they form as pain and pleasure. The ancient seers, yogis and mystics, have always been aware of this truth, so diving into the shadow within is our gateway of the inner light. Facing what we fear the most is the very transcendence of what keeps us away from our fullest potential. The very idea of Heaven and Hell is a conceptual reality created by the human mind, since Hell is an ancient Nordic Goddess of the underworld, or as Tibetans call it , the bardo. Transcending conceptual duality of shadow and light is the key towards self awareness.

Katarina P, Copyright 2018,