Pisces is the sign of emotional balance, sensitivity and always being aware of the direction we are going. The fish does not swim well upstream, it needs to go with the flow of the water somehow,  and water is connected with the Moon. When the moon is in its thinnest crescent phase, also known as the new moon, the stream of water is running in a less intense way and it is a time to plant the seeds of direction. Which direction will you go?

The two fish in the astrological symbol of Pisces go in opposite directions, so all inner conflicts which are emotional come up at this time, perhaps two paths are present in our lives which we must chose from, two emotional feelings which conflict them selves. This new moon is about resolving that inner conflict and letting both fish swim in the opposite directions but we have to chose one and stop going back and forth from what we should do or not do. Once the choice is made, then we are supported by the waters of this moon, its just a matter of right decision making. When priestesses use to do divination on the full moon, drawing in the moon to the self in a ritual was a symbolic way to communicate with its intelligence, thus being able to gain the knowledge and wisdom in order to make decisions or foresee the future. So when you sit under the new moon, perhaps try to connect with its power, maybe it has something to say to you, or you may get a sign from the universe about what is truly the best choice for you. Pisces is also a sign of Christ consciousness which is based on unconditional love and compassion, so it is also a good time to forgive old wounds and release emotional grudges against anyone who has harmed us in the past. The new moon brings up unfinished karmas which have not been resolved and it helps us release them in this flow of the moon.

Katarina P. , Copyright 2018 ,