This full moon in western Virgo and eastern Leo is a beautiful opportunity for higher communication and starting of new projects which are associated with both signs. Creativity runs high and so does the energy of healing, universal understanding and important life lessons of spiritual growth.

The archetype of the Alchemist comes to play during this time. The ability to extract medicine from poison is the key to the evolving aspects of this moon. Taking good from all bad situations is the lesson, as we embrace the positive and negative aspects of reality as the eternal dance of the opposites. The concepts of them vs us, good vs evil, male vs female and east vs west, is to be broken in order to seek a higher vision of two players of opposing forces serving as teachers to each other, thus seeing the reality as a whole, instead of a place for a battle ground.

We are always learning, and if we think we are not, then we should check the inner shadow. The courage of Leo with the higher understanding of Virgo allows for that. The perfect example of this is the negative propaganda of east vs west, in a spiritual aspect of higher wisdom. They both truly hold a deep understanding of human spirit, mind and matter, from a different angle. It is impossible to deny ether direction, because spirit has no limits, only the mind does.

As the shadow integrates into the light, we are able to accept our selves as a whole being, instead of denying any part of us, and this is the archetype of the Alchemist in full power. The opposites side of the brain, intuition and logic become allies, thus reaching the state of ultimate realization.

Katarina P, 2018 Copyright,