Jupiter Going Direct,  The Inner Wisdom Moving Forward

When a planet is in retrograde, it makes us look at the shadow of it self, so we can transform and align with its wisdom. The intensity of this recent retrograde was a great teaching about relationships, self worth and inner guidance which we must listen in order to progress in life. This reflected in various aspects of our interactions and our own relationship with the self. As the planet moves forward, clarity is present and with new wisdom we are able to create new worlds to come. Jupiter is known as Zeus in Greek mythology, when he is retrograde he is in war with Hera, his wife, the archetypal war of the sexes, so relationships which are intimate may have been challenging at this time on a deeper level of being. Jupiter is also the Guru in the Vedic system, the bringer of wisdom to the race of Devas, one of the ancient tribes which sprang from the cradle of civilization. The Devas are opposite of the Asuras which follow the Eastern Star Venus, the feminine principle of Hera, the Goddess. So when Jupiter is retrograde, he is a bad husband, boyfriend or lover, he lacks clarity and wisdom and there is friction between the Gods and Goddesses.

Planetary myths are not always to be taken literary, they are archetypal. So this shadow aspect of Jupiter can represent our own process of removing the ignorance and blind spots within our own wisdom and perception.

In Vedic astrology Jupiter was retrograde in Swati in the recent days, which is Arcturus and one of the constellations of Libra, ruled by Venus, so this may have been unpleasant when it comes to romance, love or even friendships.

When Jupiter is free to move again, he is wiser, more settled in his own being, thus providing guidance and care, while allowing for a more healthy relationship with his feminine counterpart, while both balance the universe.

Venus and Jupiter

Zeus and Hera