Akslepios, God of Medicine, Healing and Physicians

Hygieia, The Goddess of Health & Cleanness, The daughter of Akslepios

The word healing comes from the Proto-Germanic word khailaz, which means “to make whole” is the root of both heal and the closely related word health. The Gods of healing are many and they represent the higher intelligence which has inspired various medical, holistic and natural ways of healing. The original attendants of the God Asklepios were called Those physicians and attendants who served this god were known as the Therapeatue of Asklepios, so spirituality and science use to be married as one. In the modern world there is an evolutionary approach to both science and spirituality, while rigid science becomes the same as rigid religion. True fundamentalism of science is that no theory can ever be proven, and that science is always changing. This rings like the teachings of Zen masters, or any realized being, however, science has become like a dogmatic religion in a way, where pharmaceutical industry reflects the same methods of how religion uses a limited belief system to capitalize on human fears. At the same time, humans are evolving and eventually, spirituality and science will work as one, because body and spirit unite in each mind, creating our own universes. This is common higher wisdom.

For any real healing to occur, we have to take into account various aspects of the human being, not denying any, thus making the human being whole again, as the word ”to heal” represents just that.

So when you are going through a process of healing, never deny any aspect of your being, accept all of your self with love.