The story of the Goddess Europa and her metaphysical love relationship with the sacred White Bull is a universal myth which takes many forms in different cultures. The sacred calf is an important symbol of the Pleadian star system Tauri, and all ancient polytheistic civilizations had a relationship with it. From the Turkish animist shamans, Hindus, Egyptians, Romans, Persians and Native Americans, the myth has stayed alive for thousands of years, despite of political- religious attempts to destroy the true symbolism of the sacred calf. The story of Zeus and Europa, reminds us of the sacred relationship of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within the cosmic archetypal reality of the universe. It also symbolizes  the ancient relationship between the Earth and the Pleadian System.

The great Yogis of India have been recognized to come from this star system, also known as Kartikeya or Krittika in the tradition of Hinduism, thus representing the son of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva and Parvati ride the White Bull who is also known as Nandi, and Nandi represents the ultimate love and devotion towards spiritual wisdom. When we look at the story of Europa, who is Europe as the Goddess her self, since the earth was worshiped in all places of the world prior to any other religious orders we find today. Zeus, the Sky God, falls in love with Europa, which symbolizes the mystical relationship of Heaven and Earth, and in order to be with her, he turns him self into the white bull. Their love is somewhat about dominance at first, since she rides the bull and the bull presents him self in a courtship towards her and a seduction of the sense which she could not resist, being adventurous she sits on the bull and rides of into the Pleadian star system. Realizing all the secrets of the Universe, she then brings them back to the her planes of earthly realms.

The white buffalo woman, which is the Native American prophecy is a very similar mythology representing the archetype of the Goddess of Earth restoring her self with the help of the masculine power of the white bull, which symbolizes the vehicle for the battle against the destruction of mother earth and her imminent revival. The age of the Goddess is reviving again and her relationship with the sacred bull is eternal. Mythologies which preserve this world continue to take slightly different variations, so the relationships which sustain the very creation of life can continue to exist beyond space and time.

Katarina P. 2018 Copyright, thegoldenrose.org