What is Hermetic Soul Astrology?

Hermetic Soul astrology is a fusion of different astrological systems within the concept of alchemical principles of esoteric knowledge as the bases of understanding human life and beyond.

I have found such an accuracy in the Vedic system when it comes to predictions and karmic cycles, that I generally use it as a platform for timings. I do use both Western and Eastern charts in order to asses different angles of the souls journey. I have also studied Chinese, Egyptian, Tibetan and Persian astrology as well, so I draw from various archetypal mythologies in order to help you find clarity you seek. Hermetic soul astrology is based on the evolutionary principles of human existence, where there is no cycles of birth, there are spirals of creative intelligence which are moving towards a more evolved way of thinking, being and living.

The soul it self is an evolutionary experience, seeking to change and advance its own experience here on earth.

Astrology can be used to understand current situations, business endeavors, chose particular dates for starting a business, getting married, understanding life cycles, your own path and navigating through your own soul’s journey.

There are various types of karmas involved in astrology, some are fixed and some are not. At the same time some people are born to be a movie star and some to be a politician, some an artist and some people change careers. It all depends on how strong your mind is and the gifts you are born with, and many tendencies can bee seen through the lenses of astrology.

Interpretations of the stars are relative to social norms, collective beliefs and individual interpretation.

If you would like a reading with me, you must provide a full birthday, time and a place of your birth.

If the reading is regarding a business venture, please do indicate that clearly.

You may contact me at goldenauralight@gmail.com. Thank You