What is Chiron?

Chiron is a placement in a western chart where we can identify the souls wounding from numerous lives which is there as a largest lesson in the fulfillment of ones soul purpose. The placement of the wounding symbolizes the biggest personal power and this power comes to life once it is fully healed. This process usually completes it self around 40 years of age. Some call this time a midlife crises, but truly this is a time of a refinement of our own true self and destiny. The symbol of Chiron is an upside down key. It represents what we need to resolve in order to unlock all our potentials. Understanding the Chiron wounding is one of the most important aspects of western astrology. When a soul is unable to resolve the wound at 40, the pattern repeats it self, and every 20 years after that,  the soul has an opportunity to fully resolve the Chiron within and move past the karmic wound form the previous life in order to evolve.