maid in the moon magic

This new moon which is visible on April 15th sits in Aries in Sidereal astrology and Pisces in Vedic astrology. This is a particular moon phase of Hecate, the Goddess of crossroads, the queen of wise women, the leader of celestial bodies and the mother of the moon her self. It is a time to quietly sit under the moon, and ask for guidance, Hecate shows three paths and we must chose one, her torch is what lights up the way of the most authentic one out of the three.

This is symbolic of major life changes, and times in our life when we are about to embark something new. Aries starts up new paths while Pisces completes them. What a potent time to transit into something very powerful within and out.  Working with Hecate at this time can awaken certain gifts within, which will continue to guide us on our own path of the light. Hecate represents the moon her self, which is the gateway of the inner psyche and wisdom, and the light in the darkness.


I am Hecate the queen of wise women

I am the mistress of this night

As the Goddess of crossroads I take all lost souls back to the light

Some fear me and believe me I can be fierce

The power of the Goddess can pierce the illusion

Illuminating all confusion and delusion

But if you love me and you are near me while you do not fear me

Then you will see me

I am the splendor of the great moon and I will give you a boon

The time of the wise women will return

The way of the Goddess will revive

In the Moon I have always been immortal and alive

By Katarina , Copyright 2018,