Katarina Rossini ( Sarasvati Devi ) is an esoteric mystic, yogini, astrologer, healer, dancer & poet. She has spent at least 20 years of intensive studies of esoteric knowledge and spiritual sciences from a number of schools of higher wisdom, specializing in Advaita and Yogic Philosophy.

She grew up in a home which exposed her to universal spirituality, Buddhism & Indian philosophy. She devotedly studied various spiritual subjects, including Vedic Sciences, Astrology, Alchemy, Tantric Buddhism, Alternative Healing, Zen, Ayurveda, Egyptian Mysticism, Sufism, TCM, Shamanism, Kabbalah, Psychology & Gnosticism.

When she was 26 years old, she met a yoga master, Baba Hari Dass, from whom she received initiations, her Sanskrit name Sarasvati Devi, and various instructions on Yogic & Vedic sciences. At 28 she took a temporary one year ordination as a Tibetan Buddhist nun. She studied and lived with sadhus & yogis in India for an extended period of time and immersed her self  in long meditation retreats and scriptural studies with Tibetan Buddhist nuns in Nepal.

While she received teachings from many masters of wisdom during her pilgrimages and travels, she found a deep interconnection in all mystical traditions, both eastern and western as well as indigenous ones. The tapestry of the universal wisdom seemed clear and interconnected.

Katarina is also a classical pianist & a talented dancer with a passion for anthropology, psychology, eastern religions, & natural medicine. She has a certificate in counselling skills and a deep understanding of Jungian analysis. She has taught various esoteric subjects and held workshops in both India & North America.

Nun Days

with her teacher Baba Hari Dass


Golden Rose Mystic Poetry


The ultimate offering to the Gods is within

Each breath is that spiritual prana and the inner fire is the Agni, which burns the scents of the awakened soul into the mystery of immortal love

The Beloved awaits us in the most surprising places, yet it is that supreme self , permeating every cell at all times

How can one escape this truth, when it is what lights up the road of the shadow world for the ones who have forgotten its pure bliss

The true nature of the self unveils when we are ready for its luminous fire

Mystic Poetry /Copyright , 2018 Katarina R.



Mystic Dancer